Higgs On Horses

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17th April
Did you miss me last week?
Well I took the opportunity to head to Rome, mainly to hide in a dark cupboard in the Vatican and escape the backlash from my ill-advised Grand National meeting selections.  I did get one thing right and that was that Tiger Roll would win and everyone would be in awe of this little horse.  It left me thinking, when does a price not become value.  I could have followed my original thoughts and backed the little fella at 9/2 yet I deserted him and went looking for better value, what a plonker Rodney!  The Grand National isn’t the race it used to be and class is more prevalent nowadays – note to self for next year!
This is my season finale and time to tally up the Horses To Follow list – 29 bets, 6 winners, and a level stake loss of 4 points.  My individual weekend selections and systems returned a healthy 21 point profit so over the season we added 17 points to the betting coffers.  The stars of the show were Paisley Park and Lady Buttons and the system highlight was backing Venetia Williams over the Yuletide period.
Of the horses in the H on H army At Its Own Expense became the highest rated Taunton Racing Club horse at 125 and doubled that with a win at our local track – kerching!  Goodgirlteresa thrived over the Winter months and won twice in a week.  Lester Kris was a purchase half way through the season and he may have one more run before going on his Summer holidays.  The biggest disappointment was Born To Size.  I was so looking forward to getting him on the track, he had tons of ability, but wind issues caused his retirement along with Norse Light who did not fire at all and is living the life of Riley in Worcester.  I now go into the Summer with Moneta in the newly formed Byerley Racing Club, she looks half useful and should give the members plenty of good days out. 
To the end of year accreditations and all other things being equal Richard Johnson OBE will be crowned Champion jockey for the fourth time and Paul Nicholls will regain the Trainer’s title from his old rival Nicky Henderson.  The H on H horse of the year is Altior who remains unbeaten in 18 consecutive runs.
So there you have it 6 months in a nutshell and during my little chat with His Eminence last week I asked him if he thought it was good enough?  His reply was “Martin, there is always room for improvement, but profit is what we are looking for and somehow you managed it.  So come out of the cupboard, go and enjoy the Summer my friend and next season don’t forget to text me when you unearth another Paisley Park”.
Re-assuring words for this wannabe Gladiator!
STOP PRESS..Taunton hold their final race meeting of the season next Wednesday 24th April. It’s an evening meeting with the first race 5.30pm, early bird discounted admission tickets are available on their website – www.tauntonracecourse.co.uk.  Be there or be square!