Time for a Rain Dance!

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Prince Mahler is very well and holds an entry at Taunton on Thursday. We are keeping a very close eye on the weather and encouraging the track, through bribery and corruption to chuck as much water on as is humanly possible.

To be honest they are puting as much water on as they possibly can anyway, but the ‘bribery and corruption’ bit sounded good

A date for your diary…..We are holding a TROC raindance ritual at the racecourse at midnight on Tuesday 25th April and if any of you would like to attend please let me know, and I will make sure the trainer and owner are in attendance, unfortunately your racing manager has a prior engagement !

For those of you who are slightly sceptical, it will be fine, and does not involve removing any clothing… and for those of you where raindancing and clothes removal comes hand in hand, please feel free to perform in the comfort of your own home….lol

The trainer is flying with Hollywood Ken being the race-meeting eyecatcher at Taunton on Thursday and Beer Goggles winning at Ayr on Friday, who to be honest he could have started in South Molton, saved the transport costs, and still won.