Going and Weather

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Updated 19th March

Soft, Good to Soft (in places)
(GoingStick:5.9 on 19-03-2019 at 06:30)

Away bends at innermost position for Chases and 18 yards out for Hurdles.
Home bends 6 yards out from innermost position for Chases and 15 yards out for Hurdles.
Effect on distances as follows:
Race 1, 2, 4 adds approx 144 yards
Race 3 adds approx 36 yards
Race 5 adds approx 54 yards
Race 6 adds approx 192 yardsRail positions and effect on distances to be confirmed.

14mm rain Tues. 3mm Thurs, 1mm Fri. 8mm Sat, 2.5mm Sunday. Dry overnight.
Forecast a cloudy day with a light with temps up to 12C.

For BBC Weather Forecast Follow this link.