Going and Weather

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Updated 15th November 

Good to Firm

Going Stick Reading 6.6 at 0600 today

Shared Bends –
Bend out of Home Straight moved out 25 yds for Chases and 15yds for Hurdles.
Bend into Home Straight moved out 20 yds for Chases and 10 yds for Hurdles.

Effects on distances:
Race 1 adds approx 150 yds.
Races 2, 3, 5 and 7 adds approx 105 yds.
Race 4 adds approx 270 yds.
Race 6 adds 195 yds.

4mm of rain on Thursday, 42mm over the weekend and 9mm on Monday.
Forecast dry and cloudy today

For BBC Weather Forecast Follow this link.