Going and Weather

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Updated 25th April 

Good, Good to Firm in Places

Going Stick: 7.5 today at 0600am.

Rail Positions: Shared bends –

Away bend out by 13 yards for Chases and 3 yards for Hurdles.
Home bend out by 10 yards for Chases and innermost position for hurdles.

Effect on distances:
Races 1, 2, 4, 7 adds approx 9 yards
Race 3 adds approx 99 yards
Race 5 adds approx 18 yards
Race 6 adds approx 138 yards

1mm of rain on Saturday and 1mm overnight.  Forecast chance of showers from mid-morning up to start of racing.

5mm of water applied Monday and a further 5mm-7mm yesterday.

For BBC Weather Forecast Follow this link.