14th November

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I popped down to see Prince Mahler last Friday and he is great form. He had worked nicely earlier in the day and is starting to get back to the shape we recognise, please see attached photograph.

He is not fully tuned up yet but we did highlight a race for him at Wincanton on the 23rd November. He will be entered and we will monitor his progress. It is a 0-100 Handicap Hurdle over 2m 3f, he will probably need it but it will get us started and we can go from there.

Also I would like to invite you down to see him on Sunday 26th November. I thought we could all meet up at Richard’s for 9.30am, have a chat with Jezzer and the trainer and then if any of want to you could go down to Exeter who are racing that day.  First race is at 12.55.

22nd November

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I am delighted to say Prince Mahler runs tomorrow at Wincanton in the 12.20 with Daryl Jacob riding.

Jezzer is loving life and in a much better place mentally after his break, he has his whole season ahead of him and let’s hope they both come home safe and sound.

Looking for a “Jezzer” Replacement

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So Summer has almost gone and as I write it is raining …

Richard has been on the look-out for a ‘Jezzer’ replacement all Summer and for those of you who haven’t followed his progress he has run 4 times, the best was in May (going right handed) returning a RPR of 101 his highest ever over 3m 1f on good ground off an official rating of 102. He also ran in a Seller and it is difficult to understand why he wasn’t claimed for £5k, anyway he wasn’t and is still under the same ownership.

We have looked at many horses and profiles and have not found one that would match what ‘Jezzer’ has to offer. He is a tried and tested Club horse, consistent, still capable of winning off his current mark, has unfinished business over fences and is still only 7 years old. This is the first time we have had the opportunity to offer some continuity of horse, he won twice for us last year, so why not go again and see if we can continue the fun.

We are holding a Club Open Morning on the 8th October when you can come and see Jezzer, Richard’s other horses and we can chat over a plan.

If you are interested in joining the Club please contact Martin on 07831 752056 for further details…..

Another Season Over…

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Well there you have it, another season over and done with and a very enjoyable day at the Point To Point to finish it off, the Trainer’s wife had a winner, ‘Come on Champ’ that was easy enough to shout, we got to see Sabroclair run, who I feel was a tad unlucky and the trainer was in his usual good form.

Prince Mahler has been a star for us and has taken his place at the top of the TROC Hall Of Fame, sorry Bangers but you couldn’t do it at Taunton. It’s a bit like being the England team and not winning at Twickers me ol’ mate, I hope you understand, but trust me it will take a good one to demote you from 2nd place.

Have a great Summer !

Our Finest Moment to Date

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I have written many words with regards to the Racing Club, it’s members and more importantly horses, and I do not want to disappoint now in what is probably our finest hour.

The aim of the Club when set up was to offer up an ownership option which would involve 25 members who can have a bit of fun, go racing with a horse running at our local tracks..well mainly that is

I have always had in the back of my mind that a winner at Taunton would be the ultimate, and yesterday Jezzer, team Woollacott and Micheal Nolan got it bang on.

A sticky start to the season for the horse, was turned around after a wind op, a sore throat for a few days and lo and behold he can breathe. I was chuffed with the place at 40/1, over the moon with the win at Ffos Las, but yesterday, I have to say overtook Bangers as being the Club’s finest moment to date.

I know I am prone to exaggeration but he bloody hosed up, when Micheal looked over both shoulders coming into the home turn, I thought holy cow, I’m not sure you should be doing that. Simon later did confess in thinking ‘if you get beat after doing that I am going to shoot you’. It was a super ride, he did exactly as asked and the horse just took him into the lead 2 out, as he had done with Daryl. Having watched the race one or twice already he jumped great and just looked to thoroughly enjoy himself.

We are not convinced the handicapper is going to be too kind to us, but will know this on Tuesday.

The bottom line is that he is a thoroughly likeable chap, Richard and his team have as always been brilliant and I am so pleased after such a tough Winter the stable is absolutely flying. As for the owner, Simon, he has been brilliant and I think he has enjoyed, I bet you are glad you didn’t go Pointing now !

A number of you have asked what happens next, well the lease finishes at the end of this month and obviously so does this chapter. It will then depend on what Simon wishes to do, with this in mind we will be sitting down in the kitchen next week after we know our new handicap mark and discuss the future.

The bottom line is that Jezzer came good at Taunton yesterday, we all said that after Bangers we wouldn’t ever have another season like it, this year I think we have.

Don’t forget we are having a social, well celebration now at Holnicote Point To Point on Sunday 7th May, the racing managers boot will be open and we have a pretty large bottle of champagne to drink, courtesy of the sponsors yesterday. It should be a great day as Kayley will probably have some runners and rumour has it that Sabroclair maybe turning up.

If you would like to come please let me know so that I can reserve you a glass

Have a good weekend, I know I certainly will


Time for a Rain Dance!

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Prince Mahler is very well and holds an entry at Taunton on Thursday. We are keeping a very close eye on the weather and encouraging the track, through bribery and corruption to chuck as much water on as is humanly possible.

To be honest they are puting as much water on as they possibly can anyway, but the ‘bribery and corruption’ bit sounded good

A date for your diary…..We are holding a TROC raindance ritual at the racecourse at midnight on Tuesday 25th April and if any of you would like to attend please let me know, and I will make sure the trainer and owner are in attendance, unfortunately your racing manager has a prior engagement !

For those of you who are slightly sceptical, it will be fine, and does not involve removing any clothing… and for those of you where raindancing and clothes removal comes hand in hand, please feel free to perform in the comfort of your own home….lol

The trainer is flying with Hollywood Ken being the race-meeting eyecatcher at Taunton on Thursday and Beer Goggles winning at Ayr on Friday, who to be honest he could have started in South Molton, saved the transport costs, and still won.

Dazzer and Jezzer Only Went and Won!

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Ok, it is now 9.41am…

In Italy they enjoy a glass of Prosecco and an almond croissant at this time in the morning, so please feel free.

For those of you who have over-indulged during the weekend then get a coffee and Alka Seltzer and relax for 5 minutes, because…HERE I GO !

DAZZER AND JEZZER ONLY WENT AND WON that is just in case you missed it !

I know it seemed ridiculous to go abroad over the Easter Hols, but when there is race that suits you just have to bite the bullet.

When going through the calendar with Richard this race just absolutely stood out and the only issue was that it was a fair trip and on Easter Sunday, but I am so pleased the decision was made.

There were plenty of entries and our first bit of luck was that race was divided, only another 8 to worry about now, and when looking through them, blimey this looked very winnable. The race preview went out, and some of you ventured over to the track for potentially a celebratory glass of champagne.

I was heading home from a party in London, and managed to tailor the timings to being on the M4 with a mobile phone/TV link to Simon’s (the owner) living room.

What a commentator Ian Bartlett is, the first part of the race was perfect as they turned for home, he was drowned out by vigorous cheering coming from the Stacey household, at this point the Higgs’ family joined in with various high and low pitched ‘Come On Jezzer’ chants, speed was reduced and Mrs H for once wasn’t criticising my driving. The shouting just got louder on both sides of the satellite link up to the point that I didn’t have a clue what was going on until Simon picked up the phone and said “how brilliant was that”, at which point a huge sigh of relief was made and I congratulated him on the win and keeping faith in the little horse. Straight off the phone and Richard called, we exchanged pleasantries and then got down to the good old “YES, YES, YES, GET IN YOU BEAUTY”, well maybe that was just me, he is a little calmer as you all know.

The next 2 hours was spent on the phone, with Mrs H answering the texts and yours truly insisting on telling the whole world…………..I have to say it felt pretty good from where I was, I hope it was as good for you !

Home.. and I got to see the race, why the hell was everyone shouting so much, the race was won after 3 flights, Daryl got him in the perfect position, he kicked on in the home straight, we knew he would see the race out because he can breathe and ‘Bob’s your Uncle’ Jezzer joined Bangers in the Taunton Racecourse Owners Club Hall Of Fame.

Who am I pleased for ?

Well, Let’s start with the horse, he obviously had an issue, which wasn’t easy to find early days as we had had him looked over a number of times by the vet, and none of the jocks got off and said they thought he had a wind issue, however fortunately it started to deteriorate pretty quickly and was picked up, rectified and away you go Jezzer you can be a racehorse now.

The trainer..Richard and the team are brilliant to all of us and do a great job with our horses. Thanks guys !

The jockey.. Daryl is class, he knew from the previous outing what he had under him and used it accordingly. Top drawer Dazzer !

The members ..patience is a virtue as they say and I know some of you were doubting this year’s choice, but never gave me as much grief as you could of done and kept the faith.

The Owner..Simon Stacey, it was not an easy decision to let us have him, Richard and I were keen to get our hands on him, thought we had secured him and then Simon rang up one day and said I have decided to split him into quarter shares and go Pointing with him, Richard and I spent the next hour working out how to change his mind, and we felt ‘Dancing Girls’ was the best option, even that didn’t work.

and finally I would like to Thank..Chris & Heather Dunn, two of Simon’s closest friends who suggested to him that Pointing was a stupid idea and that he should let us have him.

Has your prosecco gone flat or coffee got cold yet !!!! nearly finished

So there you have it, the second horse to win in the TROC colours and we are coming to the end of our 4th season. It has had it’s highs and lows and last Sunday was right up there.

The horse is fine after his run, Jezzer does have an entry at Wincanton on Sunday, this is our trainer opening up all options and being his usual mischievous self, so watch this space.

Finally, the social arranged at the Point To Point at Holnicote on the 7th May, is now a celebration, hope you can make it !