Going and Weather

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Updated 19th March

Soft, Good to Soft (in places)
(GoingStick:5.9 on 19-03-2019 at 06:30)

Away bends at innermost position for Chases and 18 yards out for Hurdles.
Home bends 6 yards out from innermost position for Chases and 15 yards out for Hurdles.
Effect on distances as follows:
Race 1, 2, 4 adds approx 144 yards
Race 3 adds approx 36 yards
Race 5 adds approx 54 yards
Race 6 adds approx 192 yardsRail positions and effect on distances to be confirmed.

14mm rain Tues. 3mm Thurs, 1mm Fri. 8mm Sat, 2.5mm Sunday. Dry overnight.
Forecast a cloudy day with a light with temps up to 12C.

For BBC Weather Forecast Follow this link.

The Entries are In

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Trainers have now entered the horses under their charge and will declare them to run the day before the meeting.

Click Here to see the horses entered for racing on Tuesday 19th March.